FruityMilkshake♡ new projects



This is where I post my new projects and my unpublished drafts so please check this page often!
Credit goes to @SmileyAlyssa for making a topic called SmileyAlyssa new projects!


Cool! What is your HS username?


My username is FruityMilkshake:heart: I haven't published a lot but in my old account I published tons and got on Rising!
But I forgot my username!
BTW. Are you the real one I am a reall fan of you!


Yes, I am Creations Of a Noob, if that was what you meaned.
Thanks for being a fan!



This sounds cool, I'll look into creating one myself!
And @CreationsOfaNoob HUGE FAN!!


I'll be excited to see this!!


So are you going to publish anything cool this week?


Great! I can't wait to see the new awesome projects you post!!! :smile:


Me too! Can't wait!
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