Fruity Collab! First 8 gets to be the specialists



Hey do you remember hopscotch lovers club it was hacked so this is the new one!


@Rawrbear do you remember hopscotch lovers it was hacked so it's not in yet and it changed to this club so it will be 12 clubs!(just for you to know)


@Rawrbear this is actually a new one of hopscotch lovers so you are automatically included in this club!


Can I join please? It sounds fun and I love fruit!


Me too I have central time too


I don't think that I can join, sorry... :disappointed:

See this post:

I can't join for the same reasons :pensive:



I'll tell you the pass so tell me when you are ready!


Do you want to join @Follow4LikesOfficial


Sorry, I cannot code as much as I used to. I have another account :wink: (still not revealing) and I have lots of thing to do. The most I can do is get a test. (And check for bugs and suggestions)
Sorry :confused:


Shire so you are in the helper zone !
It's a zone for people that doesn't want to participate but want to help so I will give credit to you on the projects you helped!
Btw I am going to give credit to you if you reveale your ather account!
just kidding I'm going to tall you mine if you tell me yours....
@Follow4LikesOfficial I am not going to tell anyone!


I am not easily bribed, lol. >_<


:cry: oh noooo I am gonna die for your username !
Wait does your username related to illuminati now I know you are illuminati and you want to hide that by making your self Called @Follow4LikesOfficial
You are illuminati confirmed

Just kidding!


I'll do it. I made one drawing pad before and I'm good at fruit ninja if I watch the video please accept me....


OK you are in but do you have a hopscotch e-mail or any e-mail so I can tell you the pass android the username!


Android the username? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


No...... I can't use an email. I have one, but I can only email to certain people with my email end.


OK I'll tell you when you are ready so remind me!


I REALLY want to be in this, but I'm in over 10 collabs >-< I'm SOO sorry!


Wait do you want to be a guest it's like you give tips to us sometimes but you don't really code!


Okay, sure! Why not?