Fruity Collab chat room don't flag plz



This is a place where you can chat a lot about what we make!


What about? Is it a collab?


Yeah! search Fruity Collab you can join if you want!


I would like to join just that the problem is, I am working on 2 games, 1 collab and 1 by myself it's called Matilda Mysteries


OK I don't really get the problem but yeah do you mean that you got 2 account all ready?
(I have 4btw)


I have 6 accounts. But what I am meaning is that I am busy with a lot of stuff on hopscotch.


OK you don't need to be in it all the time you just can go out when you want to and work on our account when you feel like it!


Thanks for understanding. Here's a :heart_decoration:


Ok. I will come on sometimes.


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Website these are the members


Leader: @Hermione
Co-Leaders: @Phase_Studios @seawolfwerehorse @Ihasfluffycupcakes
E xperts
Regular: @JonnyGamer @Bubblyoreo

Leader: the maker of this Collab
Sub: the one who holds the Collab as well

Experts: they are brilliant at hopscotch and we love them!(has an ability to stand on top of people)not sub or leader
Guests not in yet but would like them to be in it!

If you will like a change to your roll like I don't wanna be a sub plz tell if it's fine can you like it so I know that it's fair and square !


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Nothing but it sounds weird when there is 3 sub!


Hello @Hermione! I haven't been on lately because of Christmas!


Yeah Good to see you again(you are really kind)←it's true!
ok the fact i invited you is because i want to make a project with you it's a drawing pad but i never made a drawing pad so i need your help!


@Phase_Studios I created an account called. FruityPhase


Can I join? I love collabs! I can do many stuff like values, games, music, and art!


OK you are in you will be ...
Look at the list I'll tell you the pass so wait!


You can email me at ----------@g (no spaces)