Fruit Ninja Problems... again


My fruit ninja game which I'm really proud of has one like, from me, and I thought everyone hated it. Then I saw a project posted and it has 14 in a couple minutes.

I think it's stuck in the filter, could you please push it out @Liza? Thanks :slight_smile:


Delete the project and save as a draft. Then, either delete Hopscotch or restart your iPad. Deleting Hopscotch often works better. Reinstall the app and try publishing again!


If I delet hopscotch, will my drafts save? Also, is it a good idea to publish my drafts? Thanks :smiley:


When I looked at it, it had like 73 likes


Yeah! But, for safety, keep it published, but also save as a draft.


I published the finished version. That one had no code :wink:


Oh. It's not showing up on my profile.


Oh geez, Aptitude test fans xD. Thanks for this!


I mean, my hopscotch. Yep, I think it's the filter.


Are you guys seeing my latest projects?




Okay, I deleted, reinstalled, and republished. Is it showing up?


Not for me. :frowning:


I'm really bummed... Please help me tomorrow @Liza @asha


That happened to me too! I deleted and reinstalled hopscotch, and it worked. :slight_smile: