Fruit Ninja Ideas



My grey matter is tired.

There is a fruit ninja draft which I am determined to finish, and right now it's bland. It needs spices. Or coffee.

I have enough fruit, but does anyone have ideas, motivations, or said coffee?


Potatoes? They are beautiful and tasty. :sweet_potato::sweet_potato::sweet_potato::sweet_potato::sweet_potato: (most used emoji)


How about a can of spam?


I could have that as an achievement

Find said SPAM, congrats! You get a cookie. Or a bread blade...


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You could always go with cake! :cake:


Make different swords likes dis
:bug: Bug sword
☄ star sword


You can add a secret thing to slice!


/ \


Sorry about the late response, but you can add achievements! :slightly_smiling:


Nothing's late :slightly_smiling: Its almost finished, I just want to add some more blades. Any suggestions?


You could add in an "Obsidian Blade!!" Get it! But seriously though, you should add in an Obsidian Blade. And some monsters or something, and you need to slice them before they touch the bottom or you die!


——> :point_up_2: :evergreen_tree::banana: :baby_bottle: Ideas for blades


I could have maybe a special mode. I have classic and zen right now :slightly_smiling:


Can you make a :crescent_moon: one please