Fruit Catch is finally posted! Check it out!


Thanks to everyone for vote on the other topic
And thanks to @Dylan329 for helping with the code

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Let me check it out!! I liked the preview!!


It's posted the full game feel free to play it xD


I played it and I loved it!!


I wish 'SO MUCH AWESOMENESS GOSH WHY' was a choice. XD


@AwesomeNachos happy b day


It's not my birthday. I just like cake. XD

I changed the pixels in your heart pixel art! (turns out I saved the pass in notes. XD) Like it?




Face palm xD



She put de lime in de coconut and he drink all up


Its really good!


Thank you


1) why the random tagging
2) why am I tagged twice in that list


@CreativeCoder it's not random I just wanted you to see it


Please don't repeatedly tag me. I'm in a different time zone.


@TheRealBlah I'm so sorry xD


Hai, just saw the game that's AWESOME!