Frost just in general



This what it looks like now and this makes me look like im bad at coding wich i am

Also please vote on this poll

  • We want a self edit block
  • We want a online block
  • We want a mike block (or more sonds like lots)
  • We want ALL are activity back
  • We just want more blocks
  • We want a donate to hopsch button sense the only revanue they get from is hopschoch premnium


Votes are public.

I need more ideas im worried i wont ge featured so i need your help guys
But the most inportant thing is the save system recently i thought of a way for a save system but the things i need are a self update system


You just gotta work hard to become a good coder!
To get on Featured, just work hard and share your project! It will work (usually)! I can give some tips though, just tag me (@MobCraft)


Do you think a save system work?


I dont kno why but i feel like doing a face reveal


Well don't (it's not allowed)