Frost fan club is now hiring


As I said in previos post I'm making a game (Frost) and if hopschoch makes able to be online (as if) id make mabye a dlc to make the game online but i can not do it alone ! So im making a fan club or whatever so yup
Also here is the second teaser for frost
Any question just post comment tell me if your in or not im trying make that list with a bunch of names but i dont know how to do that



Please remove the email!
Email sharing isn't allowed in the forum :0 because anyone can contact you.

This sounds cool! You can answer questions here without an email :D


This sounds nice, but emails are not allowed in Hopscotch.


Maybe you can still do this, but not with emails.


Please don't share personal info. :slight_smile:

You could still do this if you don't share emails.

Emails are not allowed in Hopscotch. :D


Guys I removed the email OK gez remember I've onlynbeen anmeber for a little while


WHERE IS HIS Email even??


@MiracleShoutouts Thank you for telling so!:grinning:


I edited it duh :sleepy: lol


He edited it. He took out his email.


Ok c:

It's just we want everyone to be safe in our community :D

And sharing an email can put you at risk :0 anyone can see it


@Mirza123 just entered this topic, so it's not obvious–unless he was a secret reader. :D

By the way, 'duh' isn't very nice to use.


@Mirza123 I Know lol!


oi I'm not a g...g...g....girl.(Makes me blush)


Well, I am not either. XD


OK :-\ well does anyone know how do those long list with ppl usernames I dont


IDK its magic......:expressionless:


When people say they are in you edit your post by clicking the pencil and add their username :D


Yes. Tap the search bar in the corner. Then type "Official Mass", and tap the top one. Then tap the triangle after scrolling down and copy that. Then, paste it here! :D


Vhat OK I think that's a joke but I'm not getting it


I will tag you in the topic. :wink: