From now on, let's follow the rules


I'm gone. I left. But I came in here, and it's a mess. So, let's follow the rules. If we can't, then we make new ones. (After polls and serious thought) Unofficial leaders and mods. Because this is not working. At all.

  • Very true. I totally agree with you! :D
  • I guess I'm with you...
  • Eh
  • No. I disagree.
  • THIS IS SO WRONG!!!!! D:


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Now, let's work a little harder to stay on topic, be nice and be appropriate. :D




Of course people agree. But we are children. In a perfect world, you can just say, "ok everyone let's follow the rules so things will be ok"

But this is not a perfect world. Your teachers and parents probably tell you or other kids to follow the rules. Do you? Not all the time. You can say to follow the rules, but it's not going to happen.


@WitnessTheLitness took the words right out of my mouth. All we can do is hope that it can improve, but in an imperfect world, there are imperfections that we will live with and get through.


Yes, but it isn't too hard to always be nice :D

It can be hard because sometimes people don't get along, and that's okay! We just need mods to work these things out.


I voted no but meant yes. Oops


Problems occured because we didn't follow the rules
However, it was not direct
People got into arguments because someone broke the rules


Stuff started when I was banned
The leaders were demoted was the second strike
Then this.


Bruh I didn't know you were gone idk who you are actually