Froggy jump collab really small just like 5 people


So this is an old indie game like Crossy road! If you wanna join we have 5 postains
Main coding
Side coding
Text art
More coding (lol)


What kind of collab? Account or draft to draft?


Draft to draft! @stick88


Ok, then I want to join!


Ok! What would you like to do? @stick88


Umm side coder?


Ok, maybe you could try to help with the start screen? I think that's side coding


Sure! Well I am on my phone right now so I will start when I get back home...


I'll do the main coding. I've made Crossy road before.


Do we all share one account or just use our regular accounts?


Just use your regular account we will be trading drafts :stuck_out_tongue: oh also if you have different username on hopscotch you might wanna tell me so I can put u in credits