Friendship's Back-To-School Special: Hopscotch Awards (NOMINATE PEOPLE) No more art, friendliest, trail art, helpful spaces



I know that BB-Box and others have made Hopscotch Awards but they seem fun to make and mine will be a little different than the other awards.
So basically there will be a few categories and you guys will nominate people for each category. After each category has eight nominations, a poll will be put up. When at least 20 people have voted each poll, they will be closed and I will tell the people who won, but I'll make a separate topic for the after party, congratulations, prizes, etc.
The back to school part-- since it's back to school in about two days, the awards will have some back to school categories and back to school type prizes. For example, if you win any of the categories, these would be the prizes:

A follow from me if you weren't already followed
Five likes on Hopscotch
Back to school themed drawing request
Back to school themed trail art request (don't make it too hard)
A nice compliment every day


Best Trail Artist: @Candycane @maltese @smilingsnowflakes @vanillaowl @friendship2468 @dancinglollipop @MagmaPOP @Kiwicute2016

Funniest: @avocadodont @Pingu @KVJ @dude73 @PopTart0219 @xXBARNSLEYFCXx @maltese @huggingfluffybear

Best Artist: @lotsapizza @Pingu @smilingsnowflakes @mathgirl @poptart0219 @avocadodont @maltese @jess888

Friendliest: @BB-Box @Intellection74 @huggingfluffybear @simplysoutherngurl @codingcupcake123 @ihasfluffycupcakes @Dude73 @QueenShaeShae

Most Creative: @bluedogmc-official @CreationsOfaNoob @Madi_Hopscotch_ @TrevCoding @poptart0219 @kiwicute2016 @Gilbert189 @creativecoder

Best Games: @Madi_Hopscotch_ @KVJ @Funky_63_Greenland @dude73 @Phase_Admin @smileyalyssa

Best Music: @Anonymous @buildasnowman @snoopy @magmapop

Most Helpful: @Madi_Hopscotch_ @smishsmash @kvj @PopTart0219 @smilingsnowflakes @Maltese @KVJ @smileyalyssa

Goofiest: @CreativeCoder @smilingsnowflakes @maltese @bananadog @pingu @Phase_Admin

May the best win, and good luck!


Thank you for giving me credits!


I nominate @Candycane @Maltese and @SmilingSnowflakes!


Most creative:
I nominate @bluedogmc-official and @CreationsOfaNoob


I nominate avocadodont and Pingu for funniest
Creative coder for goofiest
Funky 63 for best games
Madi for most helpful
Bb box and intellection74 for friendliest


I nominate @Anonymous for best music!


So many güd people... I nominate -Madi-


omg TYSM

I nominate @KVJ for



OMG TYSMM! (Thank you so much more!)


I am next to my Senpais :astonished:

how did you find em @PopTart0219? :0000 jk


Thank you so much!



how did I find what




I nominate @lotsapizza @pingu @smilingsnowflakes @Mathgirl @poptart0219 for best artists


I nominate @AvocadoDont @Maltese @Jess888 and @OrangeScent1 for best Artist


Remember guys, you have to stop nominating people for a category when that category has eight nominations


OS can't be nominated because there's eight people for the category now sorry


I nominate @buildasnowman @snoopy and @magmapop for best music


Ooh yey famous people everywhere!


I nominate @huggingfluffybear @simplysoutherngurl @codingcupcake123 @ihasfluffycupcakes for friendliest


I nominate @dude73 for friendliest and best games and funniest
@queenshaeshae for friendliest