Friendships 4 ever



Hi everyone
Have you checked out Choc mint's account she is my BFF IRL
Type in rare gem as that was her original name! She is right now in Italy on holiday.
I have a question for u guys.....
Do you have a IRL friend who is on hopscotch?


Yes, actually, a ton! I would like ur post, but I've run out.
Ppl I know irl:


Wait, who is @leopardlover9000 and @BluearSidelingCupid and @SassyDancer
Don't forget @DoughnutDog5


Hi @HappyPerson it's drew hi


Hi! I have two IRL friends on Hopscotch, they're @gwaxma4566 and Rosie The Cat (who has no forum account)


Srry, it was just for that moment when I replied to @HappyPerson bc we know each other irl and she knows those ppl at our school. I deleted it.



I know @Potter_Head. They're two ppl and I know both. They're even in mai class.


No one, I ask my friends but their not interested


hello! Am I welcomed?


Leave me alone. You know that you are not my friend


My friend irl was @FireGirl3Acer, but she left the forum now