Friendship2468's ban is too harsh! PLEASE RE-OPEN


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Can I see the rule that prohibits communication outside of the forum?

Please re-open this topic.


It's best not to discuss this. She was banned for a reason. I think it was fair, though I wish she was still here.


Also, that's topic was closed. Don't continue the discussion.


She was banned for a reason

Let's not gossip about this :wink:


The community guidelines don't say anything about this :wink:


I have to disagree. At one point a few months ago, mods noticed that a few users (no names) were sharing emails and social media related things. After discussion, they decided that it was endangering the safety of others and told them not to so the company wouldn't be in legal trouble if something terrible happened.

This user had many warnings but was still involved in two incidents, I beleive and failed to stop.

Literally Feeling Scared…

Liza and the mods banned this. The community guidelines are pretty much from discourse, where communication might be allowed in other forums.


It's a new rule. :slight_smile:


I think it's important for y'all to give feedback on our decisions to us, so I'm gonna leave this open.


I'm just gonna spill this out right here, right now.

I personally disagree with the communication outside the forum thing.
It's actually been kinda annoying me. For one, I see that you want us to safe, but it should ultimately be our decision. I know THT doesn't want to get in legal trouble, but if we get bullied or hacked outside the forums, we cant just blame it on THT! Also, if you're under 13 and get hacked, police don't have to help you since you aren't really supposed to have those accounts in the first place. If you're over 13, you probably know when to share and when not to share. It really should be our decision. Secondly, it doesn't seem fair that THT can control what their users can and can't do outside of the forum. "You cant talk to other hops on social media because they might try to hack you" well so can everyone else on social media. THT shouldnt be able to control this. Even if this "no sharing emails" thing keeps going, they shouldnt be able control what we do outside of the forums.
Now this doesn't mean I will defy the rules. I'll keep following them, even if I disagree.

Now about Friendship's ban.
8 years is too much. The rules don't even make sense in the first place, and now she's banned for 8 YEARS! it's really too much. Even one year is too much. Think about it. In 8 years most of you will be out of high school and maybe trying to get into a college! Do you really want to ban a user for that long? Yes, she disobeyed the rules. Yes, she was given multiple warnings. But 8 years is too much

I'm sorry if I come across as mean. I'm just stating my honest opinion. I will keep following the rules, that's for sure. But that doesn't mean I agree. And 8 years is too long


I agree 100%


you gotta respect leaders even if its harsh (plz don't flag)


THT just wants to keep its users safe.

Besides, the majority if it's users are kids, if they share their personal information, very bad things can happen. Internet issues is something I think that THT should be concerned about. This type of stuff shouldn't just be left alone.:neutral_face:


I've never thought about it that way... I kind of agree. But THT wants to keep us safe, and I respect that.


Read this post that I replied to


Also, how would THT get in legal trouble if this happens?

#19 it's ok to communicate with people if you didn't find out their info on the forum?

Just wondering. :D


i totally agree @AlohaHawaiiStudios.


It isn't 8 years, it is a ban. This is her fourth suspension for communicating off the forums.

And as many valid points as you make, not only is communicating with strangers online dangerous, but it's simply one of the rules laid out on the forum by THT. I can't argue any points against you, because even though I could, it's not my place to make the rules nor dispute them.


I feel it is harsh, The Hopscotch Team should say that They "allow it but at your own risk"

Yay for the resistance!

@BuildASnowman what do you think