Friendship2468 unban day

That depends if it’s a ban or a suspension. If it’s a suspension, there’s the orange text that tells you when you’re unsuspended, and iirc, until then you can’t log in (and my memory is fuzzy, but I think when you try to log in it tells you that you’re suspended).

But I can confirm it lets you back in when your time is over. Though historically suspensions like that were a year or a month or so and not 8 years (crazy to think as long as I’ve been here that actually happened before I joined but I’m still old enough to be familiar enough with it that when the calendar turned to 2024, I told myself it was the year friendship could come lol).

An actual ban is like an anon (as you are familiar with seeing with the 2019 stuff), typically done upon user request or when a user has repeatedly broken the guidelines and seems like they will continue in that pattern. There are also ip bans but I don’t know if those are permanent or not.

Anyways, always nice to see older users come back for a visit or just come back in general. @RobotPro, definitely has been awhile (I’m formerly sophia71205), so if you need any help getting around, feel free to tag me (though my own activity has been less lately).

Lastly, do remember