Friendship2468 suspended until 2024!?


Woah.. That's the longest supension.. Why is she even suspended that long?

Even though she has been talking outside hopscotch.


All the topics about this have been closed. Maybe recycle?


Probably best not to gossip :wink:


I think the punishment is way too harsh, and it should be removed immediately. I nominated @friendship2468 for leader as soon as I found out about this.


@TheGreenBanana and @KVJ are right. It's best not to talk about it.


Well she was suspended 3 times before so this is like a ban but not.


I want @friendship2468 to become a leader. Isn't it too harsh? Why not just delete the stuff? How come you can share your Scratch username "at your own risk"?


She had been suspended 4 times before this, most for communicating outside the forum. We gave her final warning multiple times but every time decided to give her another chance. She did it again so we had to accept that she wouldn't learn from her mistakes if we gave her yet another chance.

Friendship2468's ban is too harsh! PLEASE RE-OPEN

Let's not talk about this, okay? I'm sure she wouldn't want us gossiping about her behind her back. But let's learn from her mistake and not communicate outside the forum.