@friendship2468 is un-suspended! :D


Yay! @friendship2468 is un-suspended! :slight_smile:

I wonder why she haven't started posting yet. :P

But still!



Im not letting this topic die (for at least a day or more :PPP)


Congratulations @friendship2468! I missed you so much! :smile:


Congratulations! Is it okay if I ask how she got suspended


No we shouldn't talk about her behind her back but If @friendship2468 wants to tell you then yeah



Okay I'm fine with that doesn't really matter she's back and that's good


If or so many notifications so far. Wow. Well...
Tomorrows my tenth birthday and k was going shopping today and before that I had to do some homework so... Yeah. I got a Harry Potter charm necklace and Harry Potter backpack.


Can you tell us how you got suspended bc I really want to know not because I like gossip but I want to know cause i care about you! :blush:



Happy early birthday! We should have a party. :smile::tada:


I don't wanna tell you because it's private because Liza and I.


Well, happy early birthday! :smile: Mine 10th bday won't be until September 6th


Woah so luky my birthday is on June 23


Welcome back! You were missed greatly but we're glad you're back!


Why was she suspended in the first place???? Makes no sense????


@PotterPro2, @Veritaserum, you're unsuspended!


Hurtful comments to the community.


If she doesn't want to say how she got suspended, she doesn't need to!


Why did she get suspended?


Remember that we are not meant ti talk about it :wink:


Best not to ask :slight_smile: