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So, I've seen @friendship2468 struggling in the forums. And I just want to say, she honestly doesn't deserve what she gets. She's constantly flagged. She tries to apologize for her actions and explain the fact that she has anger issues, but boom instantly flagged. I understand that we're trying to keep the forums HS related, but flagging her for talking about her anger issues? Nope. Not cool. It's like if whenever you complemented a Hopscotcher, or asked them to get on docs, you were flagged. Are you off-topic? Yeah, sure. Is it unfair that you're getting flagged for that. Yup. So why do you do it to her constantly. As Lin-Manuel Miranda says, "raise a glass to freedom". Be kind.



True point! @friendship2468 is constantly getting what I honestly think is the "past experience mirror" effect, where her past posts effect every one of her posts. Let's give her a chance. Also, aren't we trying to make these people feel better on this forum, not hurt them? Also, now she can't be a regular from the maybe 50+ flags she has.


Exactly. Almost none of her recent posts are problematic. But she's still flagged. It's making her feel awful. She created a topic saying she feels awful, but you know what? Flagged.


Other ones also get hate, like topics by @seawolfwerehorse, for no apparent reason.
BTW it's good to express emotions to others (but not too extremely)


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Friendship2468 swears sometimes.... and she refers to people as ugly Harry Potter characters. I think that's why she gets flagged.


Hmm... I agree with @LGBT.Coder and @SabotageWarning. Sometimes, Friendship goes off topic or says bad words, so she probably should be flagged in those cases. On the other hand, sometimes she's just randomly flagged for no reason. In that case, she shouldn't be flagged. Plus, @moderators can approve or disapprove flags, so if she or someone else is flagged for no reason, they can disapprove it. :D


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Am I bad? Let me know!

No, I meant that you get hate. You're not a bad person, you are a good person!


@LGBT.Coder :thumbsup:


I never flagged anyone in my life, and I support ur decision, friendship2468 is not a bad person. Heck, I even have anger issues, I get really mad at my 4 sisters + 1 brother.


:thumbsup: I always thought it was unfair she was flagged so much... It's discouraging, you know? I can see she's trying to get better, she's making an effort, but people keep flagging. Then the situation just gets worse... Sometimes posts are really bad, and they need to be flagged. But some posts were totally flagged for really no good reason.


How the forums react to @friendship2468

Why!?! Just why!?!


@LGBT.Coder I totally agree! Sure when she gets off topic or says a bad word she will get flagged but when she try's to apologize for her actions and explain about how she has anger issues and how it's sometimes hard to control how she acts when she gets angry she gets flagged for no reason! It would discourage me to be flagged so much and then on top of that, people hold grudges and think of her as a rude/mean/ angry person that she sometimes appears to be but isn't trying to be.

To @LGBT.Coder
I always like how your trying to help people in our comunity!


@seawolfwerehorse Don't swear​:confounded: There are young people on hopscotch who might not know what it means, and say it offensively.


It was too harsh!

If anybody here remembers CodeLife from a few weeks back, you may remember this. When she came, she was suspended for a short period of time and then it was made longer. In early March, she came back and was much nicer. Multiple people who remembered her from last time flagged every single one of her posts. @friendship2468 Immediately took action to stand up to her and be a friend.

And here's what drives me nuts:
When people reply to old CodeLife posts, like the one with SGS' art, they are still shaming her.

Not Cool


You said you wanted to "Eat my soul".

You made a hate account specifically for me, then you targeted others.

You proceeded to close my topic on multiple accounts, and you left the leaders and moderators to deal with it.

You also called me mean names, and said you wanted to die.

It's okay though, thanks for the motivation! :D


Savage. Anyway, let's GBOT. I support you standing up for yourself, but I don't want this closed for off topicness. If you want to figure this out between yourselves, try an email or doc.


Her normal posts aren't bad.

However, she gets flagged, and lashes out, which leads to more flags.

For everyone, I would reccomend just leaving the forum for a bit if you were flagged, it will help you calm down!


But for her that doesn't work. If you have anger issues (I do too) just "leaving it alone" makes it worse. You get time to think it over, and as you do, you get angrier and angrier. When she lashes out, she's flagged, but that just makes the situation worse. I don't think you're being flagged often, so you don't feel that fear. I don't have any flags as far as I know, but people have tried to flag me, and while that's not the same, it's similar. Friendship has over 50 flags. If you have that many, when you're flagged again, you're going to get angry! She's trying. But no one cares. She keeps getting held back from her goal. So telling her to leave the forum when she's angry? Putting the blame of this situation on her? Not cool.

To @friendship2468
I'm here for you. If you ever need to talk, I'm here. Know that.