Friends on the Forum?


So I have a good idea for the forum. I don't know if it's been mentioned before (I haven't really been on because of a broken iPad and computer time) but maybe the forum could have buddies or friends?

For example, if I were to request Hopscotcher X to be my buddy and they accepted, I could see the topics they're in and vice versa. Maybe even a chat log? So you could almost text them in the forum without having to directly mention Hopscotch? Instead of this, maybe you could open a private comments thread with them and talk...

I mean, the goal would be to help with code and project advancement, but maybe we could get to know each other more personality-wise.

What do you guys think? Is this a good idea or is it impossible?




You can just text message on your phone lol


Everybody is friends! If someone didn't get any buddy requests, they would be upset. Also, if you need to chat, talk in a topic. Private messages could be used to bully others. Also, all talk must be hopscotch h related!

Cool ideas tho!



I'm out of likes ;-;


Communication with people on hopscotch outside hopscotch and the forums is against the rules.

For everyone's safety :D


I like the idea, but the chats would still need to be monitored by some chakins. So they wouldn't necessarily be private.




As @Malie said, chatting with other people outside the forum is not safe and is against the rules. People might be mean to you, annoy you, and some Personal information could be spilled. Im not saying you will spill your personal information, just sometimes little kids could get into this stuff without knowing the rules. The hopscotch team is just trying to keep us safe. If there were not so many bad people in this world, this would be an awesome idea. :grinning:


Even if you don't know them?


"A stranger is a friend you haven't met yet" -Someone XD


Well then what if you don't like them? Then you are pretending to be friends so you aren't friends. Also, to reference Schrödinger's Cat, we don't know if they are pretending unless you can read their minds, so we say that it is uncertain.


Woah. Okay, that escalated quickly. When I first posted this, I really didn't think about the possible dangers that could ensue. I'm sure if there were enough moderators, it could happen. But because of the possible dangers and even some hurt feelings, it's probably best for the forum to remain how it is.


I honestly liked these ideas! I think they would be awesome, but we don't want to upset anyone. Good topic!