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Ok. Hi. I'm Kay Kat. You might know me, but probably not. I have been hopscotching for a while. I have never been on the forum before, except for once when I posted a question about fancy key a few months ago.

Anyhow, I was wondering if anyone would like to be my friend. Life is not easy at my house, and I could really use some support. We don't have to do anything together really, I would just like to know that people... That people care. I know I can always go to hopscotch to cheer up, so I wanted to expand that on the forum, by being more active, though still not very active.

One more thing... Anyone got some advice? About getting friends, cheering myself up... Etc, etc. Thanks in advance to everyone who helps!

Don't expect to many posts, especially now, as life is not easy for me at the time, and I'm kinda getting away from all that madness with a vacation.

P. S. I know this does not below in the category "help with code" but I had to put it somewhere, and I wasn't sure where.

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welcome to the forum! i am @happyfacegirl
hold on, let me give you some welcome stuff...


Hello! By the way... What is this whole @ thing? Just curious. Thanks!


It tags them and they get a notification. :D.

Welcome to the forum-ish. XD


Hey @KayKat! @ are used for tagging, so whenever you tag someone, they will get a notification


well when you use the @ sign and then put the person's name, they get an alert saying that you said their name.
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here is a useful link!


Thanks! That is really useful!


Hi! I'd love to be your friend!

I'm Komplettverrücktjunge but call me KVJ! Tag me like "@KVJ" anytime!


Can i be your friend? Also heres a cake!



HI..I'm open to making new friends!! Lolz I like meeting new people! Btw welcome!