Friendly reminder! 😁


Hey guys!

Recently, some duplicate topics have been made. If you make a duplicate topic, people will say that it is a duplicate.

I'm not calling anyone out, although I have a feeling some people might say I'm referring to them- I'm not.

Just a reminder, if there is a topic like "place to post links to websites" don't make your own. Just post there.

That way, we can keep the forum clean!

I don't want a flame war over this, it's just a rule that you have to follow.

I won't respond to any rude comments, to prevent flame wars.

Thanks! :blush::grin:


Is this a good topic?:

  • Yes, I agreee!
  • Yah I guess
  • No, I disagree


Votes are public.


Ok except when you want it to be very very private.


Yah, like your own general topic.

But, we don't need ten of the same topics!



True i agree to that !


Yah ok

Not directed to anyone​:thinking::thinking::thinking:

Funny that u made the topic right after u got mad st someone for a duplicate


Look, it's a rule. It's not directed at you, I have seen a few people make these topics.

And, for the last time, I'm not mad. Lol, I'm trying to enforce a rule.




Guys you don'y need to keep on fighting someone please help


I'm trying to stop the fight. I'm really not trying to be mean. It's just a guideline.


But you are kind of spreading it from topic to topic so yeah...


Finally someone who gets it


I'm making a topic to remind people! I'm not spreading it- I don't think we would carry on our fight here.

I'm sorry I made this topic guys


you don't have to appologise it's just u know a bit flame war ish so yeah


You are also spreading it- I made a topic for a reminder, but you keep saying it's about you.

It's not, ok? This topic is a reminder. It's not about you.




Just forget it from here


Go get some




Get some what? :yum:


U don't get the joke then


Cookies ???????