Friendly Mass Tag List!



Yes, mass tagging is not allowed. BUT: Some people like being mass tagged for the notification! So I thought of it: why not add people who want to be tagged in a friendly tag list, so people who don't want to be tagged don't get tagged? :smile:YOLO


  • Add yourself only! No adding other people other than yourself!! People will get mad if you add someone else for them! Every time an edit is made, I will check that no other name besides the editor's is there!
  • No junk or extra comments! Make this look like a normal tag list, and don't include anything else besides your name! People will probably be copy and pasting this, and they're going to have to remove your comment every time they paste it!
  • DO NOT EDIT ANYTHING!!! This includes everything: other people's tags, this whole paragraph thing, and everything else besides your name.
  • Do not constantly use this on the same topic. Five or more names got pulled off because people started doing this.
  • YOU MUST USE THE UPDATED VERSION OF THE TAG LIST. Every time you want to use this list, come to this topic and copy and paste this list! Never use any of the old lists.
  • Do not copy this list and save it for future use! You are pretty much violating the rule above if you do it!
  • Do NOT use a tag list from another topic! Again, this violates the rule above.
  • Do not use this list on an "I am quitting" topic! This has been done multiple times only to attract attention, and those users never quit anyway! If you see this tag list on a quitting topic, you are allowed to flag the post as spam! Kiwicute2016 said that herself!

If this isn't allowed, then leaders can unlist this topic so the tag list is never used again. Closing the topic still results in edits.

Add names under this line! :slight_smile:


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@MYD and @CreativeCoder, your name was removed because someone was making an edit at the same time as you. I readded you! :wink:


Ok, thanks,lol!!
What are you doing this for??
Oh, never mind, just needed more letters!!


Nuuu max likes again :heart:


Some people like being tagged! :wink:


Same. .-.


Well I definely do!! Like getting tagged!!!!


Meh love being tagged! Meh love it!!!


I removed your message, reread the rules. :wink:


i love being tagged!!!!




It's fine, you're not going to jail or anything! :yum:


Oops I just saw the last rule... Super sorry!!! :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:


Wait, did you edit something else besides your tag?




(dramatic music intensifies)


@CreativeCoder XD

@SmileyAlyssa, then you didn't violate the last rule, you violated the second rule! :sweat_smile:

No need to say sorry, reread post 12! :wink:


@BuildASnowman is this okay?!


Yep, as long as people are only adding themselves!


Okay great!