Friendly Flag Reminders

Hi Hopscotchers!

Recently, I have seen lots of people complaining about getting flagged, or feeling guilty because of being flagged, etc. I just wanted to let everyone know of what I think of flags. I felt guilty of being flagged once, and @t1_hopscotch reminded me that a flag could just be a little reminder. I completely agree. Flags aren’t there to make you feel bad about yourself, but to help you learn and grow! You will probably be angry for being flagged, or maybe even sad, so let’s talk about the different types of ways you can get flagged and what they really mean.

First, let’s talk about the Off-Topic flag. Here’s what it looks like:

The Off-Topic flag means that a post you made in a specific topic is not related to the current discussion going on in that topic. Let’s say that User1 went into the ‘Say Happy Birthday!’ topic and posted: “I like tacos.” User2 could flag them for being off-topic. To me, the off-topic flag is just a friendly reminder to keep all posts related to Hopscotch, or the discussions going on in the forum. Always remember to post appropriately in what the discussion is about.

Next, let’s talk about the Inappropriate flag. Here’s what it looks like:

The Innapropriate flag means that someone made a post that someone would consider mean, offensive, or a violation of the community guidelines. This is the worst flag, but probably the best reminder. People usually overreact when they see they got their post flagged for being innapropriate, but this is just a reminder to remember to show kindness, and empathy. Remember to always include people in your discussions, and always be careful of what you say!

Finally, let’s talk about the Spam flag. Here’s what it looks like:

The Spam flag means that the post that someone made isn’t useful to the current topic being discussed, but could be useful in a different topic. This flag is a friendly reminder to check the topic before you post in it, and make sure that it matches to what everyone else is discussing. We don’t want to clog the forum!

I’m certain that after you read this, it will change the way you think about flags, and flagging posts!

Thanks for reading this, and I hope you found it helpful! :D


I think you forgot something:

when someone creates a topic about a car crash that happened and some of their family died and they don’t know anywhere else where they can say it

and it gets flagged

and nobody is even sorry for them

they need their support


Then why is there no sub-forum for topics like that.

and did you just assume that the forum getting clogged is more important then a deat.h?

why'd you delete your post???

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No, I didn't say that, but the forum isn't the right place to discuss it!

Of course I don't think that! ;-;


D i d
y o u
h e a r
m e
s a y . . . . .

What if there is no other place to discuss? And I actually know many really easy ways for people to discuss those topics but I would get suspended for communication outside the forum.


I totally agree.
Almost every day I'm on the forum I check to see if any of my posts are hidden anything. Most posts that are flagged are supposed to be flagged, sometimes because people have a hard time in context. Like me, going into a topic titled "bad news" and would post a funny video about dogs, but their dog just died and people would think I'm being mean. Or maybe there would be a topic called "Glue Scented Trees" that actually had @Hamburgerdaweirdests general topic. I wouldn't go in there and spam with the word "glue scented trees" (although I did randomly put glue scented trees in a topic before(but then I deleted it).).
These are just examples, but we all need to remember we're trying to keep the community on topic, appropriate, and more.


Great topic!


Thank you @LemonPop9 and @Explorer_! :DDD


My first post in my general topic got flagged. It read "what do you want to talk about?"


I don't get that.

Maybe someone thought it was spam?

But why...

Idk :U



Off topic?!

Why though,,



I edited it so it went from "what do you want to talk about" to what do you want to talk about < twenty characters >".



Cool! :DDD

I'm glad it's now un-flagged!


Let's hope nobody flags it again!:fearful: I do not want a permanent flag!

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But you know, we don't even know if they're telling the truth. Whoever I go into a topic like that, it's already flagged...

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Lies or not, sometimes we all need some hope and comfort. The people who flag those kinds of topics are just mad that I refuse to risk suspension by telling them this place where they can vent. Or the flaggers are mad because they actually do think the forum is more important then deat.h.


Great topic frenpi :+1::+1:
I seriously love this topic lol

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Thank you @lollypopcorn :D


Your welcome frenpi!

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