Friendly Debate+mock government


Hi, Panthera here.

About a month ago, I did something called ‘Model Assembley’ which was a mock government. We passed bills that we had to act upon, and I’m thinking maybe we could do something like this on the forum.

They can be enforced on both the forum and the app (ex. You must have the word ‘hi’ in each project to make people feel welcomed).

This is more for fun, but I think we can come up with great ideas!

Bills can be proposed and voted on (y/n polls) by all y’all.

This is the format:


Briefly introduce your bill. State what it is.
(Ex. The word ‘hi’ should be in each project)

Main part

Tell WHY you think this should be passed. If you can find some research, great! If not, great!
(Ex. People are happier when they feel welcomed, and having the word hi in each project welcomes people to the community and helps to build connections)


Sum up your point(s) and say something like “please vote for this!”
(Ex. The word hi welcomes people. If you like feeling welcome, vote for this!)

Of course, this is just a simplified version of a bill. The real is much more complex, but we needn’t go into all that. There are no penalties, although it would be nice to follow through with them :)

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The State of the Forum (Jan 2018)

I should be supreme leader of the forum
People feel happier when I’m in charge, and I will be great at it.
•+•=•• Please vote for it!


Then I will maybe betray you. After I turn the lightsaber. Striking down my true enemy.

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I think this is a good idea. I would do a bill, but I’ll do that later.


I cannot be betrayed


Tell that to Kanjiklub.
(I love u auto carrot, sometimes)


Tasu Leech. Good to see you


Wow…I think THT would have to approve first


It’s not official or anything… we’ll see. I’ll email them.


This is really cool!
It would be awesome if everyone in the community could contribute a bill or something and make it official!
I stand by the fact that you should for sure email THT!


THT has been emailed!


Ok I wrote a bill and it realy great


heres a bill thas realy great
ok but i did work kindof hard on this


If we are to form a government we should have a system of voting. This bill is a proposition for a way that I feel will be quite effective.

how it will work

the voting shall work like this. When a bill is voted upon it shall have two yes or no polls. One anonymous and one public. The bill will first be voted on by regulars in the lounge. Once at least ten people have voted (numbers may change) and if the bill passes it goes to a public vote of everyone. If not than the bill is discarded.

main section

I personally think that this will be a good way of filtering out bad bills. I know this bill will get whiplash from non regulars but I think something like this is necessary. this is also somewhat alike to how the actual government works.


something to effectively filter out bills should exist. While this does give more power to the regulars than the rest of the people i think it is still a good bill. One of the problems i see is regulars controlling the entire system but this can be fixed in later revisions if it hapens.


we should not give spoilers for doki doki literature club stuff
if you give spoilers for doki doki literature club stuff, it ruins the experience for everybody
so basically please don t if you wanna enjoy things in life vote for this pls cause I am monika stuff


Or you we could make it law that you have to disclose spolaers and put it in a hide details


This is a good idea for making da billies.


R we gonna vote on the bills sometime


Yah. That’s a good idea!


Voting on bill 0001


  • This bill should pass!
  • This bill should not pass

0 voters


oo government