Friend Topic! ^w^



Hi, guys!

Just found an anime version of me.
Same body, same appearance, same size, yep I that's me, the female if you didn't know
I am not telling you her name.

Okay, but this is not the point!

The point is...

Hopscotch friending!

Too lazy, just going to make lists as always...
And auto correct is disliking me right now, so I apologize for the typos.

What you can do here!

  • Talk to other forum ers and become friends!
  • Sharing ideas to do with your friend {Hospcotching ;3}
  • Talk with your forum and HS friends!
  • Posting stuff friend- related!
    Art Pic of you and friends, making lists, etc.


  • No arguing, this is meant to be friendly -w-
  • Please don't be rude {Which starts arguments!}
  • No racism, sexism, etc.
  • Please. Do. Not. Do. Anything. No. Topic. Would. Approve. Of.

... I'm being extremely lazy right now =-=
Don't want to do this, but thought it sounded nice and didn't want to lose draft again.

Okay, bai, I am too lazy, I'll fix it later...


It. Will. Not. Allow. Delete.



Isn't this a wee bit like talk to a hopscotcher?


I think this is a cool idea, even if it is a bit like Talk to a Hopscotcher


Yeah I think so too.


I think there is already a topic to find friends.. Make sure to always SBYP!