Fresh's Chat Room/General Topic



So, what do you want to talk about?


I don't know. What was on your mind?


Wait hsgsfgshajgsvhs


Sorry I am late. After I made this my iPad glitches out.


Oh. Do you actually have a nickname you don't like?


Nah, I'll accept any nickname. My most common one is Fresh.


Oh. That's cool. It was actually sort of a joke when I wrote it down in the topic we were just in. It was related to something that happened today in school.


What happened?



Well. I was looking through all my old doodles, and I found one with this note on the back. So I showed the note to someone who sits by me, and she actually got what the the note was referencing. Then when I showed the note to more people in my class at resess time, nobody else got what the words in the note came from. (Weird description of what happened, I know.)


You get resess?!? What grade are you in?


Fourth. I'm a young people.


I am in 8th grade. Sadly I don't get resess anymore. :slight_frown::disappointed_relieved:


Okay. I never really loved resess anyways. Indoor resess is pretty just me awkwardly walking around my classroom. Outdoors is slightly better, but really just the same thing.


Does your school offer sports?


No, but there is band. I actually do take band lessons at school. I play the flute.


I play the clarinet! :blush::blush::blush::blush:




I assume you are a girl if you play the flute. Hopefully I am right.


Yeah. Flute is actually the most popular instrument there. Also, there are actually two boys in my flute class.


Really? In my band all of the flute players are girls so....