Frequently Used Topics



These are topics that are used a little to much on the forum! Remember, search before you ask!

Custon Colors!
There are PLENTY of wonderful tutorials on how to make these, you just have to look for them!

Need Ideas?
There are a lot of these too, people ask for ideas, when there are all ready dozens on the site already!

Ideas To The Hopscotch Team
There is seriously a whole topic about this, made by the hopscotch team, but no one seems to use it...

Smooth Backgrounds
Same with custom Colors, we don't need 10 of the same tutorials!

Did I miss one? Put yours down below!


"How to get emojis" is another topic that has lots of tutorials already too :smiley:


New Characters
The amount of people saying there should be new characters is SO high but I mean who doesn't want new characters :wink:


No cringe

ppl should stop being cringey . its bad for u