Frequently Asked Questions Category!


Hi everyone!
As you may know, this category, the frequently asked questions category, was recently created along with the general topic category! I will be making a topic on the general topic category shortly, but for now I want to discuss the frequently asked questions category: what to post, what NOT to post, and what it is REALLY for.

  • Many people have been posting topics that are “safe havens” for newcomers to ask general questions. Although this is a great idea, I think we only need one active one. There are multiple right now in the category, and I think if we single out one to use, it can help de-clutter the forum!

  • Don’t forget, you can ASK questions here as well! Although answering questions for others is great and highly supported, I think creating a topic and asking a question is just as beneficial. You don’t need to go to a large topic in the category to ask a question: you can always MAKE a topic! (Provided that you SBYP)

  • Make sure you do not accidentally post bug reports here! I did see a couple topics which have bug reports and were misinterpreted to be posted in the FAQ category. If you have any technical issue with Hopscotch, make sure it is posted in an official bug topic or category!

  • Sometimes, large topics with a ton of information is great! They are super beneficial and useful for newcomers. However, at times, these topics can limit other creators for their topics, if their content has already been covered by you. I personally think that the FAQ category is for creating specific topics, not necessarily one big topic for multiple information.

  • Perhaps when creating a topic to help others, it may be useful to revive your memory and remember what you had trouble with when you were a newcomer to the community. Maybe the questions you never got answered are mutual between other members!

  • ALWAYS REMEMBER TO SBYP! If something is frequently asked, most probably it was answered by someone else! If that is the case, maybe you can try making a more detailed topic about it and crediting that person, OR if you are a regular you can move that topic to the FAQ category!

If you have any more tips, let me know! Also, do you like the FAQ category? What are your thoughts? Do you like the general topic category BETTER?


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These seem like great tips!


Yes. Great tips! These will be helpful to many!


Thank you @Hopscotcher and @GweTV!


Also, I haven’t really looked in the FAQ category that much, so I don’t really have an opinion on it, but I do agree that there should be one newcomer lounge instead many.


Well said! :clap:
I totally agree.


Thanks so much! I’m new so this is really helpful


This is a great topic! I’m sure it will be very helpful to everyone!


Thank you, everyone!

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I has a question… How do you submit a suggestion to the hopscotch team?

Welcome Guide For New Users!

As far as I know, there is no OFFICIAL way. (correct me if I am wrong) However, one of the more popular ways that I like to send suggestions is by email.
This is the email you can send your suggestions to! Be sure you state your forum username and/or hopscotch username (if it pertains) so they can find you in the community if needed! Keep in mind that if you are emailing on a holiday or weekend, it may take a few days up to a week to get a reply! AND if you do not get an email response back in two weeks, feel free to email them again! (Sometimes they say that with all of the emails they get, certain ones can get lost!)

Hope this all helped! You can let me know if you have any more questions!


Thanks! I will do that.

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Why do certain posts have to be approved by a moderator? Especially ones that don’t seem to include bad content?


I don’t know why.
The words “ha.te,” “LG.BT,” “ga.y,” “reli.gion,” “Christi.anity,” and other ones just have to be approved incase they’re used wrong I guess?


Yeah, certain words just have to be approved before someone takes it the wrong way. Also, any words beginning with the letter f and ending with the letter k are banned.


This is a great topic! I’m sure it will be very helpful to everyone!
@Amulet _10


Thank you so much!!!


Hey, idk which topic i should post this on, but recently i noticed that whenever you quote a post, the stuff that is in between these < > doesn’t come. even on my own post. any idea why? try it if you want to


You have to use the :speech_balloon: icon in the post editor to see it.


it worked! thank you so much tankt!