Frequent crashing

Project link: don' t!work! by aadenboy

What is happening in the project, and what do you want to happen instead?
The project crashes after going between the “Scene” scene and the “1” scene one or two times, I’m not sure if it’s due to clones or some other issue, but this will completely destroy my project if it isn’t fixed.

I have tried destroying the clones from the scenes before the “Scene” scene, but it hasn’t worked

I’d give screenshots but it’s a project-wide issue and I would rather not screenshot all the code of 10 or more objects


Player 3.0.0 currently has an issue where switching between scenes (even to the exact same scene) could cause the project to white screen (crash).

The recommend fix would be to downgrade the project to player 2.2.3

I was going to do it for you, but I need to ensure you’ll be able to save the remixed project back to your profile… (I can pay you back the 50 seeds if it comes to it)…

Btw, one of the images from your intro is missing, lol. it’s the grey H logo on my end…


seems to be working! just downgraded to 2.2.3 and no crashes so far
only problem is


I just gifted you 50 seeds to compensate for the cost of art.


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