FRENCHWAVE123’s coding challenges


Hey guys Ive basically decided to creat this topic so that when your bored you can come on here to get inspired!
Every so often I will tag everyone who has entered (to enter just ask in a reply) @POMTL sorry for tagging y’all bye

People who have entered



The first challenge will be decided by friday🙃

  • Minecraft recreation
  • First person shooter
  • Advanced tapper
  • Physics simulator
  • Surfer game

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Ok then


Would you like to get notified when it’s time for da next challenge?




A physics challenge would be so cool! At least someone will come up with something mind-blowing for that one :slight_smile:


Would you like to join?


I’m a little busy with all collabs and challenges, but I can probably do one or two sometime.


Welp i geuse ima go cry in a corner cause i have no idea how to do phisics


Sorry @PartTimeFemale bout dat


Think i could figure out something


Ok I’m excited plus if no one else joins you automatically win