Freedom Of Speech And Laws


I know this might be off topic but I know a few people need to know some simple American laws and rights. Yes in America you do have the freedom of speech, but it goes to an extent. You can say you don't like someone, but you can't say you want to kill them. There is always a point on where you stop. Now that you know the first amendment let's talk about laws and company's rights. By law you have your freedom of speech in America, but by law a company can take away that if they want to. You may be able to talk about anything, but when it's on their turf (anything they made - Forum, App/Game, maybe even social media) you can't. They can do this because maybe say for example they don't want people promoting any other product. They can make it where all we can say are a very few things. The only thing they can't take is your right to talk about your religion, and take it away due to gender or skin color.They can also do this to if they don't want people talking about certain things not related to their company. Which brings us to why hopscotch can say you can't get to off topic. They can say that and Inforce that if they want to. If you have a problem with that then ask the government to change it.

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well said @TrevCoding


In China, people literally don't have the freedom of speech.
Even schools brainwashes the students to force them to not able to have their own thoughts and opinions.
(I am originally from China)


Nasty and cruel.. LGBOT


Freedom of speech actually says you can say anything you want and the government can't do anything about it. So you could say you want to Ki.ll someone, that's just not recommended.

Also, let's stay G rated :sweat_smile: We have younger users and we don't want to scare them with the thought of de.ath.

On the forum, you aren't allowed to say certain things. If you say them, you'll be flagged, and you could be banned/suspended. But the governments aren't allowed to do anything about it. Because this is there private forum they can make rules and regulations, and they can punish you by exclusion from this, etc.


It is, which is the reason why I now live in NZ
Hokay BOT


But still...
There are rules, but none of them relate to opinions.
Which is good. :slight_smile:
However, I've seen some violations of opinions before.


I see freedom of speech here as more of a freedom of opinion.
We are allowed to express any opinion, whether it's controversial, very unfavorable, or whatnot.
However, we can't say negative things that are meant to punch them in the gut. Instead, it should be criticism (for example, my friend says that a certain kind of grand piano is bad because the notes are hard to press. This is not the best example though).


You're super duper close, freedom of speech means you can say whatever you want, absolutely anything, which, has its ups and downs. BUT that doesn't mean that people can't tell you that what you're saying doesn't make sense or that they disagree with you

So basically when you tell someone that what they're saying is upsetting or doesn't make any sense, and they tell you "THIS IS AMERICA FREEDOM OF SPEECH SHOOPER" you are allowed to tell them to go suck an egg :slight_smile:

Or politely correct them ur choice


I leike how you used the word criticism. Criticism is something critical, but not scornful.


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Well, no, not actually.
You can't incite panic in a way like yelling "Fire!" in a theater or "Bomb!" at an airport.
You can't lie to the court of police (obv.). You also can't slander or libel someone.
You can't threaten someone either:
So yeah, @TrevCoding, nice speech! It should clear up a lot of misconceptions! :D


In England it's England .I dunno what happens .We just have used to have a really bad prime minister (David Cameron) no offence to anyone who supports him .But in my opinion labour are the best party .




It's just england
The rainy island with the weirdest olympic mascots and the queen.


Britain is just another smol island country to me​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nope. Nope. Conservative is better.


Wow, I didn't know that! :0


Ummm, that is not true.(I mean what Starry wrote).