Freedom of Expression, Religion, and Code


I'm very shocked that a few topics have popped up that discourage LGBT rights/code. This community is a legal community, not an underground illegal trade. @LGBT.Coder can make a project about this if she wants, because Hopscotch is a place where


can code.
That's what makes Hopscotch such a beautiful place, not because of code, but because we are one of the most diverse communities out there.
We have people from Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, Australlia. We have different religions such as Christianty, Hinduism, Buddhism, Muslim
If we said LGBT was against a Christian religion, how would a Hindu and Buddhist feel? That's like telling them you can't pray at your own house with idols because that's against your religion

I am standing up for people like @LGBT.Coder

Because people don't necessarily want to talk about this, because it's against certain religions, it will cause flame wars. But really, if we just respect what she has to say, and we let people code, we can have a positive impact on this.
Imagine what she or others who are apart of the LGBT community are going through when they read

There could be many people in the forum that have an LGBT family member or they could be one themselves, how is it fair that you say that to them? As long as we are here to code, there. Is. No. Problem.

My best friend is bisexual, and I simply said
We're still humans, we still talk, and think, don't we? We just think in different ways, you're still beautiful in every way

Why don't we just think like that when we see LGBT.Coder? She's making a collab, she's nice, and people slam her right away

It's not fair.

Hopscotch is a place where EVERYONE can broaden their perspectives and learn from others. I was forced to go to "Church" and learn about Christianity to pass History, but we're not forcing you to accept this. You must respect them as we will respect you.

We are still humans, we just think differently.

Please, if your Christian or in another religion that's against this, please consider not reading it or remember this topic. Please try and encourage LGBT coders, as they may not be doing so well in real life, but we can teach them here



I agree fully, but we don't want to start a flame war here. Just a warning. :slight_smile:


I support it but there's little kids let's just crank it down a notch


People choose to start them, I'm not here to do that today :wink:


Good speech.:clap: (claps)


It'sreally not bad. It's just how religion or families have raised you to tell you, or your own opinions


I'm not f4lo I'm anonymous


I totally agree! @OrangeScent1




I could not agree more. Well said. The only thing is that the religion is called Islam not Muslim.


Yes everyone has there own religion there own thoughts express your true feelings @LGBT.Coder it's fine that what you believe in!

People should be nicer to people just like us becuse we are all equal even if someone's LGBT and someone's Christian!


I agree with you @OrangeScent1. But in return, @LGBT.Coder should focus on coding, not teaching others her beliefs. (Look at her profile memo)


I agree so much @OrangeScent1 I wish that it was possible to like a post more than once.'s not
So here are some Frisk souls for your enjoyment:
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But she coded a website and she does code so it matches both critarias set!


I agree 90%
@LGBT.Coder, if I said anything before, I thought you were talking about... something else. Sorry for my misunderstanding! Now, I think it would be cool if you did some other projects, not just LGBT stuff. Again, just a suggestion! :wink:


Look at her profile memo.....


The LBGT community isn't inappropiate or uncomfortable (shouldn't) to little kids in any way.
BTW What I said about "Taking over the community" I believe it isn't. Even if it was, it'd have the possibility of being good.

EDIT: Well HS is about coding...


I'm late to the party, but the younger we learn about this, the less we hate, and I grew up with a friend who had LGBT parents, an it was totally normal to me when I was 6, and now, it still is, which is the reason why I believe children should start learning as young as they can.

@MobCraft, I deflected the flag.


I learned in 2nd grade cause my 2 bestirs parents were both women


Let's just get it down a notch


I agree completly!