Free week of hopscotch?


Do I just got my first email for the new beta, which is... AWESOME!!! But I also saw a "free week of hopscotch" thingy! I really want to try out pictures! How cnan I do this?

Help @liza!!


I think it's in a different email. I got it tho


You should have got two emails about the new update
The first one should have had a link in it


Also in that email at the bottom it sould say
A link with
Liza and your email and stuff like that in it


Oh. Never mind. I figured it out! In the email, there is a link that brings you to a website that gives you a promo code for a week!


Yurp! It worked!


Try waiting for your picture to upload next time.


I'm on 3G, so my internet is slow...


How do you blur text out like that? Do you have an app? If you do, what is it called?


There's skitch, procreate



There are loads of apps that can do that for you. Some have a Blemish tool, others a blur tool, and also there're Focus tools which blur everything except one part


I used photo editor- free on the App Store!


That's what I use too!


GG! My sister says it's not as "professional" as aviary, and photoshop.


I got that to!


Well you can get a free week at the bottom!


I know I cant wait until they accept it

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


Beta testers get a free week...


I'm beta testing! You know how... Right?!


I use a program called GIMP (but I haven't used it for the Hopscotch forum xD).