Free trial help


So I tried to put in the free trial thing, and it wouldn't work, and when we tried again it said I'm already subscribed. If I press I'm already subscribed, then it said we aren't subscribed. I tried everything. Nothing worked. It's not working for me, and my mom is afraid we will have to pay for something we don't have now. Anyone else experiencing this? @liza @Rodrigo @meg @thomas can you help?


Same thing happened to me...
I'm a little nervous, bc I might have accidentally subscribed..


@TheGreenBanana what is your hopscotch account?


What kind of device are you using? What version of iOS? Are you using a device managed by your school?

What was the last thing you saw before you got this message?


Did you see this screen?


Hi, thank you for replying!

  • Yes, I'm using an iPad from school.
  • I am using iOS 10.
  • I don't exactly remember what I saw, because it was a couple weeks ago. (My school removed hopscotch from our iPads.)
    I'm pretty sure I saw what Thomas posted. But I might have said cancel I'm not sure. :slight_smile:


um @thomas @liza this occurs to me ...


I don't think you can get the subscription on a school iPad. They might have it blocked.


A few weeks ago Hopscotch was not offering free trials.


Oh, ok.

Thanks, I guess I was mistaken :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!


The Green Banana.
I don't think I sawthat screen, it looked like I was subscribing
@liza I'm using iOS 9.3.5


@thomas @Liza @Montoya my mom got a bill for the subscription and it isn't working and I can't cancel it and we didn't buy it purposefully.


Can you go to manage subscriptions from your profile? Can you send us a screenshot of the next page (the Apple page)? There's a bug with subscriptions and we're working to hard to fix it—this would be super helpful!


Ok. I was able to cancel it. I'm not sure what you want me to send a picture of.


Will you give us a notification if the free trail is over?


There won't be a notification, sorry. You might get an email from Apple but I'm not sure.