Free to use Tapper game


Don't have a lot of time to watch the tapper video, or don't have internet, save the project link (that will be a bit farther in the post), and you can use it to make your own tapper game, or look at the code and "copy" it use or change anything you want with it!

Here's that link!



:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


tappers are so easy to make (I don't need it)


Kewl game


You could of kept that in your head you know


Lol, that's okay, I just did it for people who want it. But whatever, I was just bored in Social Studies.


The game has sound!


Awesome game!


Thank you :blush:


Can I post my tapper game as well? Or should I just make another topic?


You can post yours here as well!