Free to use code



Please give feedback


Noiceee! It’s really cool!


There is literally no code. There is a text object with no code in it and there are no other objects. I dunno how you got that thumbnail.


:rofl: my code is never FTU


How did you get the thumbnail? I saw Jeff3321 did the sme thing.


Yeah I’m wondering that too


You’re done some snooping around in the JSON files, haven’t you?


No, i used a glitch. I cant access the Jason files from my school iPad, if i could, I’d use secret blocks @Hopscotcher


This topic is better suited for the Open Source Code & How Tos Category so I changed it.


I am interested in this glitch. What is it?


ha that’s exactly how I pronounce JSON.


That was auto correct, and its just an editor glitch


That’s one big glitch. How does it work?


Ill never tell, but i will make a project about it.
You can check the “JSON” and everything


B g #x / b bhbghbxbdgiy,iufeq8lva
Time to do something about this…


Here you are, have fun @Hopscotcher




I am muting you now. Stop tagging me.


Sorry, I’m just giving you projects to play with