Free Subscription Trial or A free subscription test week?

The subscription allows for coders on Hopscotch to use images, the straight up better and less buggy version of using shapes. Some great coders can’t afford to get the subscription and really could use them to go beyond their potential. A free trial or free subscription week for all would be really nice.

They can set up the week by announcing prior to the subscription week that they will have a subscription week to all which allows everyone to have a subscription for only that week if they didn’t originally have it.

This would be great again to have coders do what they always wanted to do with images. Animation, improved games, and other cool stuff.

Please @Liza @Rodrigo @staff take my idea into consideration.

(Now I don’t know if there is already a trial available but if not then just add a free subscription week for all.


I think there is a free trial for a week on the subscription. But as soon as the week is up it starts charging you for it.


He means set a week we’re everyone gets 2 use images


Good idea, but don’t tag the staff, because it tags the Discourse staff too


Cool idea! This would definitely be awesome to have some time on the Hopscotch App, perhaps around the holidays and combine it with a competition?


That sounds amazing :wink: I can’t waitfk4 the next contest


I think I know how to use pictures how much you want without paying:

  1. Take all the pictures/make all the drawings you want on the free week.
  2. Put them on one project.
  3. Publish if you want.
  4. Remix the project and delete what you don’t want for the next game.
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You can’t post any games with images in them without a subscription


They have that, a free week and free month

Just make sure to cancel before it nds so you don’t pay


He’s saying THT sets a weekwe’re everyone gets it free say the week starts on Christmas and ended seven days after


Oh. Oops, lol

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They actually put a set image block in the editor but I don’t think it would be of any use to non-subscribers.

(Idk because I haven’t used it yet…)


It can actually be used to set a character to a different character

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