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My opinion is that hopscotch is crazy for charging $80 a year for new add-ons. I realize that they need money and everything but I don't think this is the right direction. As they have said before kids any age play this game and asking their parents for $80 dollars a year is overwhelming/inconvenient. there are many other ways of getting money of of this app. And, come to think of it, little kids that are on the app that can't pay that will feel left out of all of the action. Setup a gofundme Hopscotch if you need the money that bad. I just see many problems with this update. **P.S. Hopscotch, @Liza , @Ian ,whoEVER, why u gotta change da layout man? it's laggy and inefficient...


They need money. They need a steady income. Paying is optional! :grinning:


I agree! :smile::smile:


That seems kind of rude. I know you weren't trying to be but maybe you can rephrase?


They say it's about the same as other pricing apps, and they also need an income. $80 a year for people to share, and servers to run is not that much. So we should be appreciative of this app. :slight_smile:


Uhh... You might wanna change the last sentence. People may take it as a little rude, especially Liza and Lan.

My opinion is that Hopscotch could be a bit cheaper. But it shoulden't be free because they need the money.


I don't see anything rude about the last sentence... :stuck_out_tongue:


I'm ambivalent.


How's the next Hopscotch update going to look? I haven't checked the beta yet.


if you say that you're dissing all that THT has ever done

if they dont charge money then HS will be no more. As they have said, it is around the general price for other coding platforms as well

what you said about the layout is pretty equivalent to:
hey gavin why you gotta change that awesome project you made? its laggy and inefficient!

think about it man


IDK. My beta is not updated for some reason.


Update it!


I cant. I dont know how. It just stayed like the old, old editor and never changed.


Here's a link:


I saw that link. I have a weird feeling about not clicking it..


Don't worry, it's not malware. Here's an even safer link:


touché. But honestly it is laggy :confused:


This is a great idea!


Besides, as Liza said it is cheaper than what it should be. She said the optimum price for them was around $20.00 per month. So it is a lot cheaper than what it could be.


That would be a good annual price!