Free forum account (Monitored by @Kiwicute2016)



Hi guys it's me @Razor. This was a april fools account to prank @Rawrbear. So this account is formed using a throwaway email so you won't find anything that is my info. So i'm giving it away to the community or new comers who can like or just look at topics with an account. This account was renamed Guest so people could use it for no showing their faces to the internet

Username: Guest
Password : razor64000
DO NOT change the bio at all and do not post more make topics. If you do then that is not my doing because you did it. Also passoword is CaSe Sensitive

Have fun!
Don't be creeped out when you get liked by this account @Rawrbear.

Not Free Forum Account (wow ok)

To confirm this is me

friendly mass tag



Ok, now I'm logging out.

The Old Spammy Post

I'm in, as @Fishyguitars


I don't think this is the best idea, but alright...


@CreativeCoder this is the only way to recycle accounts :stuck_out_tongue:


ok just don't do anything weird in profile @Fishyguitars


Already logged out.



I'll be managing this account. If things go bad, I'll delete the account.


Hello it's fluffy bear!


Good idea :smiley:


Please I am not on the list anymore!


did you remove yourself to the updated list?
Because i got the list from the topic


To the list in @rawrbear's topic!


Just to let you know, I once gave the pass to an account out and things went ugly! Be sure to moderate it!


I have @Kiwicute2016 to back me up :smiley:


I'm going to lock the trust level at basic.


It doesn't work when I log into this...


Can basic change names? That might not be a good idea if so.


You can only change your name once and i changed it


I changed my name like 5 times