Free forum account for friendly people


Hi guys so um let's just have this as a FRIENDLY ACCOUNT the password is (edited out) thanks bye


We should have these. :wink: snowball started out like this, and now it is a big mess. :0


Good idea trying to make this a friendly account! But people still may try to come in the account and do bad things. You never know.... :frowning:


Can we all be friends in the account and not be rude


I'm not trying to be rude.
But I don't think this is the BEST idea.
If you have seen what's going on with the free "snowball" account you'll know.
But I can't stop you.




I would suggest to either:
Try to moderate this account LIKE A HAWK
Or just try to delete the account.
If you delete the post people still could have seen the password.


Almost all of the people you meet here will agree to be friends but some people (you never know) really.... dont care. They may come in the account and make people including you look bad. Thats why we just dont want these type of accounts. If everybody here was friendly, Im sure it would be allowed, but know, yeah. :grimacing:


Hmm.... I never thought that before.... yeah.... maybe you could moderate it... maybe thats what I would do.


But still,
If she/he still moderated it and the posts got out of hand...
Yea :grimacing:
Nighty time 4 me :sleeping:


Oh yeah I forgot about that part. :expressionless:


where's the <3?