Free Emoji Requests!



I can turn a picture…

…into an emoji!

Just give me a picture, any picture, and I'll turn it into an emoji you can save as an image (just hold down your finger on the image till about 4 options come up, then tap "Save Image".)!


There are a few topics for this already. :wink:


Yeah, but I'd like to take them too.


What app do you use!


The Forum.
- The Girl told the boy to say this. Thus, I wrote this.


Because I don't want to give away the secret! Now, please delete your posts for this is a REQUEST topic, not a NON-REQUEST topic!


Um sure...


Poor tankt! I don't actually want an emoji, but if you wanna make a topic, that should be fine!:blush:


@AHappyCoder, @Stick88, @Dude73, how come I get the hate when you don't? I don't think ANYONE invented it! And how come it's perfectly fine to have two drawing requests topics when I can't have an emoji picture booth thingy?! Not fair!

I'm going to make a new topic if this keeps up!


I am so sorry! I will delete my posts!