Free Collaboration



I have something I think you will enjoy
free collaboration
And I have a lot of ideas of what we could make
poll coming soon


Here is the poll

  • castles and battles
  • My life
  • math man superhero
  • animal farm house
  • TV games



OK anyone want to join anyone?


:smirk: I think the animal farm house because I live in the country and I :heart: animals!


OK do you want to join @KateTheGreat


What's a free collaboration??


@Rawrbear it means something people work together on


I mean the "free" part. Did you just call it that?


@Rawrbear it means anyone can join it


Anyone at all want to join at all?


Oh facepalms self

Also, I would join, but I am in 13+ collabs already :confused:


I would Love to!!!!!


@KateTheGreat OK join a account that is called Some happy kids the password is Code fun


Does anyone else want to join?


Anyone at all want to join