Frame Freeze Bug

Yeah I know, not the most urgent but it’s a bug

So I was coding a new project and I noticed a little bug. Once the size grows to 100, the frame freezes for a second, if that, then continues as normal. This is a small bug, just annoying because I’m trying to do an aesthetically and graphically pleasing starting screen.
Just found out the whole project freezes for that half-second.
(Who do I tag for this btw, I forget is it onion or ana?)


Yeah, that’s odd

Not sure why that happens


That’s very odd, indeed.

I think you could tag either one, but @AwesomeOnion typically responds to to bug reports :slight_smile:


I know why this is, we’ll see if there’s a way to fix it.
The issue is that when your character gets larger, we actually swap out the image for a larger version, uploading that into the player takes a beat, and that’s where the problem is.

One workaround would be to make your character really big for a second at the beginning (maybe off-screen), then reset the size, and as you grow it, the transition should be smooth.


Ok, thanks for the reply and tip

EDIT: I tried making it really big, even repeating the growing process but it still occurs


This is also why start sound lags, right? Yet it downloads all sounds at the beginning of a project play. Is it possible to remove that lag as well?


I’m not sure why/how “start sound” lags. Can you add more info about this? It might be the same type of bug, but it’s likely not from the same cause.

I’ve been thinking about this more, would a “preload” block be helpful? It would be somewhat advanced, but it would let you preload an asset at a certain size to avoid the glitch.

Hmm, did you do it invisibly or off-screen? If your character is invisible we don’t render the images to save cycles. If it’s off-screen I’m not totally sure but you should try doing a few set sizes with different large sizes on game starts with the character visible to try it out


Well, I mean it’s not a bug, there’s just a lag spike every time it’s run.

What’s even more weird is, from what I’ve seen, it only downloads sounds when first playing a project. Does it ping the server for the sound file when playing?

I found this out by messing with the parameter, turning a set sound parameter to a text parameter. What ended up happening is the sound only played if that same sound was previously defined in a sound parameter elsewhere in the project (run or not, that does not matter). Then, the sound block still has the minor lag spike every time it’s run


Preload would be nice, and I did do the object sizing invisibly so that’s probably the reason why


This hurts my ocd

no, it’s still a problem