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This is supposed to tilt the bead back and forth, but it will just tilt it to the right…
What did I do wrong? @POMTL


You need to make “When Tilt Right < -10” in the last rule.
And “Change X by Tilt Right


Hi! Change X is always going to the right so that’s why
Edit: @DMF beat me to it…


No, it doesn’t actually…


Oh thanks! I was going to do that! I haven’t been coding very advanced stuff so this will help! Thanks guys!


well if its a positive number it is…


You have to make it completely opposite. It needs to tilt right instead of left.


Okay so Scotch and everyone, I suck at coding, so I did something, and now it won’t tilt at all?


Oh, I guess you need to write “Right” instead of “Left”.


try reading the variable. I think the problem is that Tilt Left is a positive variable, not negative. That means its just

Tilt Left % > 10
Change X by -Tilt Left %

(negative Tilt Left)


My best explanation would be…well,

Except there is no "Change X by -tilt left % so instead you would have to say

When Tilt left% > 10
-Change X by Tilt left %-Tilt left% x 2

If that made no sense, then here it is:


Oh, and could I ask something? It’s okay if you say no.
Could I be on your tag list?


Yeah, sure!


Okay, TSYM! I finally got it!


I would use

-1 x Tilt Left %


Why am I not on ur tag list?


That would probably be easier XD


It’s only tilting right now?


You are making it to confusing. Just make it move left, not negative.