Fox's general topic



This is my general topic, here I'll be posting things I like and also you can ask me questions. That's all for now!

Randomly tags peeps


Hi, Fox! I like your profile picture. Did you draw it yourself?


Hi! Yes I did draw my profile pic and thx!


heres the original pic. :wink:


Yay hi Senpai @Fox!!! You gots a Topik now!


Yah! I do gots my own topic frenpai!:joy:


You do! Awesome! Wassup? What new foxes are prowling your Drafts?


Well, i broke my wrist :cold_sweat::sob::thermometer_face:. Hope ur life going better than mine right now because its my right wrist and that means its hard to code and..... I cant draw! :sob: Wassup with you? :grinning::wink:


Why do you like HS and what is your favorite project?


Well, i like HS because its got an amazing community and u can kinda make whatever u want! Did u mean of my projects or out of the entire community?


Both, now that I think about it.


Oh no!!
Hope it gets better soon!!


Oh...get better soon!


Nice profile picture! It is great!


Of mine probably this one

"Kit fox"
And of other peoples its hard to decide cause theres sooooo many great ones!

@KVJ and @MobCraft thank you!


Thx! Yeah i drew it myself as you can see if you scroll up a little in my topic. :wink:


Can I take a request from you? :D
I'm terrible at drawing.


Sure! But... Sry if it will be not as good because as u saw above i broke my wrist (@KVJ if ur wondering why in my post to u it says i cant draw but now i can its because my wrist feels a little better today) What do you want to request @MiracleShoutouts ?


Yay that's güd! Now Senpai can draw!


Since i love foxes i thought id post this hilarious gif.... Tags peeps