Fourth Featured! :DDD



Hi!!! I just got my fourth featured on Hopscotch with my Daisy the Dinosaur project based off the Hopscotch Team’s Daisy the Dinosaur app! (^-^)
Here’s a link to the project:

Thanks for featuring it Hopscotch Team! :)



Congrats, Lolly!


Thank you Crazy!! :DD




Congratulations @lollypopcorn!!


Just had a look at that app…

Hmm, That app is hopscotch…


I see in the code, That the images in the code have no white stuff around them(that fills the extra image space). How do you do that?


I used a super cool free app called Magic Eraser!! :D


Thanks so much @BlastFusion and @Dolphin_coders!! (^-^)


I was searching for that game thinking it was going to be really cool. Turns out, I had the app the whole time!


Lol XP

Also, this is off topic but I really like you profile picture


Thanks! @glam_unicorn drew it.


This is rlly cool!


That project is really cool, amazing job! You deserve featured, congratulations!



You really deserved that feature. Your an amazing coder!!!


CONgrats. I thought it was a great game!


You’re welcome, and cool! ;D


@memorablechickenyay @William04GamerA @Explorer_ @Kayro
Thank you so much!!! :D


Congrats! I’ve seen Daisy the Dinosaur and yours is a very good replica :smiley:


Thanks so much KVJ!! (^-^)