Forums are too small ;/


So the forum has only about 2500 people on it while Hopscotch has about a million users. However most of the 2500 forum users were quick to leave and never came back. Plus hopscotch accounts are deserted everywhere as most are from schools and leave HS alone forever after a year or two.

I just don't like most HS users from schools and schools only to do it for a year and leave.

If only they joined the forum and saw the wonderful community



Im pretty sure there aren't that many people on hopscotch, but yeah the forum is pretty small. Also a lot of users have quit so there might only be around 1500 users or less.


I guess they just don't see a need for the forum :\

You can't force someone to join, but you can encourage them. I think we should advertise on hopscotch about how amazing the forum is! That could help people to join. :D

Anyhow, while I agree, let's stay positive. :D

(I'm not saying your topic isn't positive AT ALL though :3)


Yeah. Pretty small. So many peeps have quit!


But many have joined!
She just joined!


Da Forum is pretty smol




I think there's more HSers since there are more than 50000 people who liked @Valgo
Kaleidecosmos. Some people may also make many accounts (liek me,I have a drawing account,remixing account etc.)
and liked it


ha how is it soooooo amazing


Hmm... I usually go on to search someone like We2fd, and I end up seeing other people with names like "we2fd is cool" and they hav'nt done anything. Which ■■■■■ because I love seeing people projects. But I don't think the forum is small, it's just not many people really care for it. My friend requested going on the forum for about a year, even before I did hopscotch.


Who is your friend just wondering


@kklovesblue I think.


Well maybe people haven't figured out the forum.


The forum needs to grow like a tree! We are the gardener and we will tend to it.


Caps lock much? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well said! BTW, I'm glad you stayed on the Forum :slight_smile:


Thanks! I would never leave. Although someone is holding me for ransom…JK


Yep. The Forum is pretty small. I like to call the active members of the Forum and Hopscotch the dedicated ones who code good stuff, and that is most of the people I follow. :slight_smile:


I like the forum the way it is, everyone knows each other, we're really close, and we understand each other.

A big forum would turn into a community like in the actual app, where only a few people know each other, there's less integrity and quality and there's too much spam, and it's not really designed for real friendships.

I'm happy with being friends with everyone and having meaningful and useful posts, thank you very much! :D


Let's think of a garden. All the plants are the posts/projects/users.

The Forum:
This garden only has a few plants. These plants grow well, they're beautiful, and are obviously taken care of quite well. Weeds are quickly pulled out. It's a little garden, but it's very nice. The plants seem to grow together well, with none choking each other or crowding each other.

You have to admit it's a lovely garden. It's big, let me tell you that. Not all the plants are nurtured and taken care of as well. They're not quality plants. Some are quite cheap. Some are wilted. It's a lovely garden, but it's not quite like the forum garden. It's harder to find nice plants in this garden. Sometimes weeds stay there for a while. Although not being 'quality' plants all the way through, it is a pretty garden.