Forum Video Rules


Hello. Are we allowed to post videos on the forum? Not YouTube videos but personal. My video is just of me doing something but all you see are my feet. Is this allowed?





Well... I mean... how would that be related?


You can't post videos on the forum


it won't let you upload it here. You have to post the video to youtube, and only then can you show it. it's not possible to upload it from your videos.


The only way around i can see is making a gif, but it should be appropriate and related


It's allowed if it's related to Hopscotch :wink:


*it would be

Videos aren't currently allowed at all (except YT)


THT allows sharing your YouTube videos if they're related to Hopscotch.


I know.


Interesting... Why did you say lol?


Because I was wondering how this changed.

You say videos are allowed if related
I say they would be allowed if related but no vids are apart from YT
You say YT is allowed
I know