Forum Users Being Impersonated! -- Problem *Not* Fixed πŸ‘Œ



Yeah. All you have to do is click on the user page thingie, and you would know it isn’t you. And how he spoke.


He didn’t even copy the real thing. Speaking of profiles, your PFP looks a bit weird. It should be centered to show more of the face. I think I can fix that. I won’t change the picture, just the centering.


Oh, cool @yaygirls, you changed your pfp to my drawing!


Yep! I gave you credit, don’t worry!


Yeah just saw that! Thxs!


How can you change it? I don’t know how.


The Scratch Project Editor has a costume editor.


Okay, I don’t have Scratch anymore, what do I do?


I can help. I’ll just download the image and fix the centering. Then, I’ll reupload the edited image for you to download.


Okay! Lemme tag you on my gt, we gbot.


Oooooh yeeeeeeeeeah!


Aw man, really? :frowning: Aw nuuu!

I’ll edit it when I get my editing abilities back. I ran out :frowning:


That would do it

Or a computer serial number ban, so it keeps track of the computer


you can change ip other ways, you cant ban vpn

you can change cid


Can you change the serial number?


dont think u can track that

theres prolly a way though, it would be hard


The picture reminds me of something, but I just can’t put my finger on it.


That ellipsis though…


Wow this is really freaky…

I’ll try and watch out as best as I can.


The Grand Tour? :3