Forum Users Being Impersonated! -- Problem *Not* Fixed 👌



I deleted four posts after post 100


The fake @Heaieybot1 has been removed


Cool. It wasn’t really a big enough problem to celebrate, though.


But how do people like that get other people’s passwords???


It was a really pathetic impersonation account. Didn’t even copy my profile page.


If xse keeps coming back, could they block the email he’s using?
Maybe he would make new emails or something…


An ip ban would do it, then ip ban any vpns that they try


maybe. Xse would probably find a way around it tho…


ip ban every ip they use lol they can’t get around that


Okay… what if they have sisters or brothers or something… not exactly fair…



This is pretty bad tho


Yeah,I guess…


By the way, you can use Inspect Element to find the source file for your avatar and save it, so custom gifs don’t really do anything to protect yourself.


Maybe I could explain to him that I’m getting bored of it?




Yeah, the insults got pathetic. Stopped actually insulting me.


When he acted as you, did he speak to you?


No. He just thought he could fool everyone. He didn’t fool anyone.


Yeah. All you have to do is click on the user page thingie, and you would know it isn’t you. And how he spoke.


He didn’t even copy the real thing. Speaking of profiles, your PFP looks a bit weird. It should be centered to show more of the face. I think I can fix that. I won’t change the picture, just the centering.