Forum Users Being Impersonated! -- Problem *Not* Fixed ๐Ÿ‘Œ



Actually, his Scratch username is โ€œxseโ€“isbackโ€. He hasnโ€™t shared any projects.


He created a new forum account called hunthatixse


When? I havenโ€™t seen it.


Right here.


Is it a good idea to talk to him, or just ignore him completely?


He hasnโ€™t followed me at allโ€ฆ


Wow Liza replied to 2 of my emails. They are being banned.




Not sure. Seems like heโ€™s just gonna pop back up since he just created 2 accounts in the past day..

I think talking to him is ok, I did it last night, but I didnโ€™t cause a flame war or anything. I was just like, โ€œHey how you doingโ€

What you donโ€™t want is to cause a flame war (But I think that it might just be risky talking to him in the first place)


If you give him a bit of a chance heโ€™s ok, I guess. idk


Sweeeeet Sauce
Let me check my email, I mailed her twice as well


Nope, Lisa didnโ€™t respond to me
(She probably has like a hundred emails about this. Whoofters)


@THU First time I tagged the group due to this, but this issue is important and the group was made for a reason. Guys, do you think someone will get impersonated again? Or that certain impersonater has been scared off by this topic having more than 100 posts?


No unless he finds someone else he thinks he can make upset


Honestly, itโ€™s been going on so long that I kinda got bored of the whole situation.


was it one of those things where it worried you when it happened but now itโ€™s just, eh .-.


It angered me at first, now itโ€™s kinda pathetic.


Oh. So like because their act was so low?


Yeah, I guess.


Sorry I asked so many questions just then!


I deleted a few of mine, but idk